Adidas colored Boost drops this weekend

The uncaged Ultra Boost drops this weekend. Not only that it's uncaged, the Boost midsoles are also colored. Keep in mind though, the colored part are the ones in the medial and lateral section of the midsole. This means that the Boost foam underneath the shoe, the one in between the outsole is still in white. In my opinion, it is still okay since nobody would likely check the Boost underneath anyways. Although the Boost being colored is basically just for aesthetic purposes, this is a good sign that brands do listen to what the consumers say. So hopefully in the future, adidas will continue to listen to the pulse of the consumers. The Adidas uncaged Ultra Boost drops this July 16, 2016 and I know that these are hyped now here in the Philippines and I think Sole Academy will have this through raffle system (I'm not really sure but that's how these things go nowadays) so good luck to those who will participate.



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