The next D Rose Englewood looks awesome

Major upgrade for the D Rose Englewood so you might want to check this post out. This latest D Rose Englewood is now equipped with Boost cushion which is full-length. If you are familiar with the D Rose 5 Boost or have a pair of that model, then you can expect almost the same comfort and impact protection (including the X-Torsion bar). Even the outsole is the same as the D Rose 5 Boost which is solid rubber in the forefoot and translucent rubber from the middle area going to the heel. The upper is made up of a nylon mesh material which is soft with synthetic leather in some parts of the toe area. There is also a midfoot strap that run diagonally from the heel to the forefoot providing more support. If this will be moderately priced, then you will be assured that many ballers will consider this as another option to hoop-in.



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