More images of D Rose 7

Are you excited for the D Rose 7? Here are more images for you to see and this time in black, white and grey. Seeing a shoe in these color is good since you can see more clearly the techs used so you can more or less know what to expect in a shoe. It looks like the shoe is going to be lightweight due to the upper, so the bulk of weight will be from the cushion source which is Boost. I still find the wings on the ankle area too busy because of the overlapping panels but maybe it's just me and as long as it works then my issue with it is just superficial. If I were to get this and do a performance review, I will be leaning to get either the black or the grey because most of the time my shoes gets all scuffed and grimy performance testing them. I just hope the rubber isn't too soft and the translucent outsole is like the D Rose 6 which is still okay even when there is minimal some dust present. How about you, do you like what you're seeing so far? Sound off you opinions on the comment section below.

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