Nike Air Max 90 SE

Another Nike Air Max 90 will drop soon and it looks sporty (as if it wasn't sporty to be begin with). The old school silhouette of Air Max 90 made the shoe very popular nowadays because it blends lifestyle and performance features easily. For this SE version, a soft upper with what looks like some foam material was used and looks as though it was protruding or embossed making it look chunk. Luckily, since it looks like it is made up of foam, comfort won't be an issue here (I think). Old school color of white and infrared takes the stage once again bringing some retro vibe on it and I know many sneakerheads out there are really want to get their hands on any infrared colorway. You can see the Air Max unit in the heel combined with a cored-out outsole for some weight reduction and modern look. No news yet on when this will drop here in the Philippines and I'm pretty sure stores like Sole Academy will be the one who will be carrying them.



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