Looking for a different brand to rock? Here is what C1RCA has to offer. Surprisingly, it doesn't cost too much so for those who have some cash to spare can easily jump on the brand and see for yourself.  I picked 3 models to feature to cater different tastes. Starting with the Valeo, the shoe has a very rugged style with features a canvas upper and vulcanized rubber midsole and gum outsole. A very simple yet looks durable for your everyday needs. The Valeo SE retails for Php 2,498. The Atlas, on the other hand has more of a sporty vibe to it. It features a soft mesh upper with a light midsole which is very ideal off court. The shoe might even remind you of those lifestyle kicks from the other brands because of the silhouette and even the materials used. The good thing is they are even fairly priced at Php 3,298 so you can even try them without burning a hole in your pocket. Finally, the Lopez is more of a skate shoe just by looking at at it. C1RCA is not shying away with regards to material utilization, as they switch the upper depending on the colorway so you can be sure that style is on their priority list. Just like the Valeo, they also have a vulcanized rubber midsole and gum sole which is what most skaters desire as it provides due to its durability and provides a good grip underneath. The shoe retails for Php 3,298 and all of these models are available now at Olympic World Trinoma.


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