Anta KT1 Playoffs Version

Here are more detailed images of the Anta KT1 Playoffs version which is available now in the Philippines. The KT1 Playoff version is made up of synthetic fuse on the forefoot area, with a change in material shifting to knit as it goes to the heel area. The knit area in the heel and ankle area is still backed with some underlays to give some support stabilizing your heel (together with the heel counter) and ankle. Cushion is still the same which is just Anta's standard foam so adequate cushion can be felt there. Finally, the solid rubber outsole was changed into translucent rubber which would more or less has the same effect as long as the court surface you are wearing is free from dust. Personally, I wouldn't recommend them if you will be playing outdoors where there is a lot of dust and debris present. But as I said, as long as the court is clean, then you should be fine. These are available now at NBA Store in Trinoma for Php 5,995.


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