Adidas Pure Bosst ZG Trainer

Adidas quickly made a followup on the Pure Boost ZG by releasing a training shoe version. Overall, only the silhouette in general remained the same with the materials used being tweaked a bit (except for the full-length Boost foam) to cater your training needs. Actually, it looks like a performance version of the ZG which has more of a lifestyle vibe. First off, the upper material has been changed to foam-like material with panels that look like carbon fiber for sturdiness. Straps can also be seen that in the medial and lateral aspect of the shoe that compliments the laces giving you a good fit. You can still see the full-length Boost foam although I don't think they modified it by adding more Boost to it since they seem very similar with the normal ZG based on looks. Solid rubber was added to the outsole together with the EVA with the "nubs" being more closer with each other to give good coverage of the surface that you are training on. They even placed an outrigger in the lateral side to add more stability which is actually nice giving pitching you the idea that they are built for performance. You can get these now at Adidas Trinoma for Php 5,795.


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