Li-Ning Devil Low: Another Li Ning model that offers Cloud cushion

Although Li Ning models (particularly the Wade signature line) takes too long to reach and be available in various stores in the Philippines, we should still be thankful that the Chinese brand gives us models that are fairly priced with technology worth of your hard-earned money. Here is an example of a shoe packed with their Cloud technology for cushion and Ultra Shell upper. You all know my take on the Cloud cushion when I reviewed the WoW All-City Encore although it doesn't mean that the cushion itself is bad and I'm sure some might even enjoy those. For the Ultra Shell, it is made up of a synthetic material that feels kinda rubbery and provides durability in the upper. The underlay is made up of mesh so you can be assured of a lightweight and breathable shoe. The model has a solid rubber outsole with "chevron" like patterns of various thickness to provide you with good court grip. I spotted this model at Olympic World Trinoma so if you are interested, head over there to get yourself a pair.

Update 04/04/16: The model is called Li-Ning Devil Low. Big thanks to Tani from the Li-Ning, Peak, Anta, 361 Degrees Facebook Group.


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