Puma to utilize knit as well

The sneaker game is changing and more and more people are diving into the sneaker game for a lot of reasons. Some like collecting old models, some go into it because their favorite artist is into it and made a collaboration with a shoe company, and some just love to rock fresh kicks. But whatever the reason is, sneaker companies are doing their best to cater every sneakerhead's needs. Puma, having a rich line of sneakers is an example of it. With their Ignite cushion system gaining popularity due to its great energy return, it placed them in a position to be more relevant once again. Now, they are starting to implement knit materials on their upper which would give a plus on the comfort and even fit department. Not to rub someone the wrong way, but this is a nice move since brands should never settle for what is good for them but continue to improve their products and this is an example of it. This Blaze model will be utilizing a knit upper and together with their Trinomic cushion, this could be a shoe built for comfort and style as well. I'm pretty sure that we will be seeing them here in the Philippines soon so stay tuned here at Analykix and we will be posting pics and details where to cop them once we see them in stores.

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