Zoom Kobe Icon

Although Kobe will be exiting the league after the season, his legacy will for sure remain. Nike will be doing another Kobe shoe although not under his signature line. The Zoom Kobe Icon will have the same tooling as the Kobe IV from the midsole down but the upper will have a Jacquard shroud upper which reminds me of the Glove. The shoe looks nice especially the gold color which really represent Kobe being an icon especially in this basketball era. If you are into Kobe's kicks, then this is a good addition to your collection as well. No tech specs for this as of the moment but the midsole says "Zoom" so let's hope that it is the same setup as the Kobe 4's (size and shape of zoom bag). The shoe is set to drop on January 2016. Don't worry, we will continue to keep our sights on this and we will give them to you once we hear more news.

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