Best Foot Forward: WMNS Air Max 90 Essential

I think this is the first time an off-court/lifestyle kicks will be posted in the Best Foot Forward segment. Actually, I did not know where to place this since I don't usually post a shoe in the Best Foot Forward section since the shoes that I feature there are basketball shoes which I highlight their features based on what the brand itself boast. However, I decided to put this there as well and just give a detailed look on the shoe itself. Anyways, I will cut my rambling and just check out the details on the WMNS Air Max 90 Essential.

So this shoe is for the lady sneakerheads. My girlfriend bought this at Sole Academy Trinoma so check them out if you are in the hunt for some sneakers (excellent service as well). Going back to the shoe, what can I say? These are Air Max Essentials, materials are okay, not premium materials but they are made from durable materials so these would last the everyday grind. In my girlfriend's case, she plans it to wear regularly as part of her rotation so the shoe's durability will be tested and I am not worried about it because the shoe is made up of a combination of a mesh upper, leather, and gritty-looking suede. For the colors, black, grey, and red would really go well with anything so matching it with your clothes wouldn't post much of a problem. Also, having a dark-colored shoe would mask some of the scuffs or dirt from that everyday grind since she will be wearing them for maybe 3 times or more per week. Like I said earlier, these are available at Sole Academy for Php 5,795. Here are more images for you to check out.


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