All-Red J Wall 2 is now available

The all-red version of the Adidas JWall 2 is now available. I spotted them last weekend at Adidas Greenbelt, however, I was not able to take a photo of them due to some restrictions being implemented at Adidas so I have to wait till they drop at Adidas Trinoma since I have obtained a permission to get photos from that store (S/O to the good people there). Going back to the shoe itself, what can I say... it's red. I mean really decked-out in red which is a nice colorway to rock if you are into matching your kicks with your jersey (assuming that there is a shade of red in that uniform). But because of this also, this could now easily pass as an off-court kicks too. I don't know if it is just me but the JWall 2 look good on-court but this all-red colorway convince me that they look nice even off-court. Here are more images for you to check and as I said earlier, these are available now at Adidas Greenbelt and Trinoma.


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