Xeno ZX Flux "Core Black"

Here is another version of the Xeno ZX Flux. This shoe (actually the Xeno line) is very hard to find here in the Philippines and when I see them in someone else foot, I can't help myself but stare at it and adore its awesome shine especially when light hits it. Anyway, I am sure it had a successful run since Adidas is back with another version of the ZX Flux which is becoming more and more popular choice of lifestyle kicks because of the different colorways and materials used. The shoe features a "Core Black" look with minimal scale pattern than the first version. Of course, once light is reflected, then you can really see that nice shine of different hues that the Xeno line is known for. If you are interested in copping a pair, you can check out Adidas store by clicking  <HERE> which retails at $150.



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