More Adidas and Nigo collaborations

More collaborations from Adidas and Nigo. The Nigo Bear features a white upper with green 3 stripes branding which kinda looks like a Stan Smith in my opinion. It looks fresh because of the white leather upper. The tongue features Nigo Bear branding with the classic shelltoe design of the superstar having some modification with that Nigo Bear etched on it. The Superstar Nigo AOP features a red upper with different "adidas" designs all over it. This comes with some apparel as well if you are into having an overall theme getup. The Nigo Bear has more of a simple and clean look while the Nigo AOP will surely appeal those who are into loud lifestyle kicks and it really does gives you some style points especially if you match it with the whole apparel. The Superstar Nigo Bear retails at Php 4,795 while the Nigo AOP at Php 5,195 and is available now at Adidas Trinoma.


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