Adidas Superstar Weave Pack

Great news guys, the Adidas Superstar Weave pack is now available. Adidas Superstar has been known for their leather upper and having another material option is a great plus especially for sneakerheads who want to be always on the loop when it comes to latest tech. Checking out the pairs on the shelf, the shoe is soft but nothing too drastic like a straight-up Primeknit like the one used in the Stan Smith so there is still some structure which is okay in my opinion (best of both worlds). Everything you love in the Superstar (aside from the materials) is still there so these can still be rocked for your everyday wear with some plus in the comfort department due to upper. With 2 colors to choose from, you can grab these now at Adidas Trinoma and retails for Php 4,795


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