Li Ning Way of Wade 3.0 Code Red Lite

For Li Ning Way of Wade fans who are looking for some more heat, you might want to check out the Way of Wade 3 Lite. I've seen the regular Way of Wade 3's in stores and while it looks good because of the use of premium leather, you can't deny how the Lite looks. The WoW 3 Lite looks like it is made if you are looking for something lighter in the Way of Wade line. Seeing the shoe in actuality and even holding them proves that Li Ning made a good work on this model. Even the colorway pops on court and this could really catch the eyes of fellow ballers and even sneakerheads. These are very hard to find and honestly, I haven't seen these in store shelves as of today. If you are interested in copping a pair, you can contact Jawie. He is a member of a facebook group whose members are enthusiasts of Chinese brand kicks. He is also a teammate of mine in the league and a Way of Wade enthusiast so you could ask him by checking his profile <HERE>.


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