Kobe X Mambacurial

Were you able to cop the Kobe X Mambacurial last weekend? A footbal/soccer inspired colorway, it has drawn too much heat from sneakerheads since then. With its scheduled release last Saturday, I have been told by one of the sales agents at Nike Park that as early as Wednesday there have been queries about the Mambacurial you can't help but imagine the anticipation on the said colorway. Last Saturday, I went to the mall at around late afternoon only to find out that as of that moment, few sizes are left. I was fortunate enough to take a pic of it so I could at least share to everyone here at Analykix. Does it really pack that much heat? In my opinion, it does. The colorway have been pretty much staple but considering the material is Flyknit, it does add another level of swag in it. However, this appealed me from an off-court perspective. If given a chance and money, would you cop it? Check out the images below and share me your thoughts.


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