BrandBlack JCrossover 2 available at Titan

BrandBlack could be the dark horse in the basketball sneaker game this season. With their techs competing in today's trend, it is a good thing that these reached here in the Philippines courtesy of Titan. Now, here are more colors to choose from. Single color blocking of Shibori Blue, Sage Green, and Oxblood are now available at Titan Fort branch so if you are ready to try out some new basketball brand, this could also be an option. The features a woven upper which is the next big thing now in terms of materials used in sneakers and Jetlon as their source of cushioning. With the JCrossover 3 dropping in a few months time, this could be your so-called initiation as you immerse yourself in BrandBlack. The shoe retails for Php 7,995.



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