Anta KT

Great news Klay Thompson fans, we will be able to get the next shoe from Klay Thompson. The good thing here is the GSW colorway (blue/yellow) will be dropping here so even Golden State fans in the Philippines will have other option in their footwear. Going back to the shoe, I haven't heard anything with regards to tech specs so I'm really interested in trying the shoe. The outsole has a traction pattern that mimics the foot so we will see how it translates in the court. Hopefully it wouldn't burn quick enough outdoors. I have played in the Rondo team shoe and rubber is durable enough so that would be a big plus if the rubber used here is durable as well. The upper material looks like it is made up of fabric or something (sorry, really can't tell). Even the midsole looks like there is something written on the lateral side of the heel. Is it a new tech? I hope. I guess we will have to wait a bit longer but once there are sightings of the shoe here, I will be willing to share some photos as well and maybe cop them if they are within my means so I could do a performance test on them.

Via: Anta Philippines


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