Get Flashy with the Peak Soaring 2.7

It looks like Peak is trying to be "flashy" with their looks. The Peak Soaring 2.7 (dang, I need to catch up with their model names) has a 3M reflective material in the upper which would give a certain shine and add some "style point" in your kicks. Though has nothing to do with performance, some ballers do want to stand out in the court aesthetically as well so it's not a bad thing at all. Other specs include a synthetic upper with a breathable mesh to give good amount of airflow as well as to promote a lightweight feel. The shoe's collar vary a bit with a dip in the Achilles area for better movement. Cushion-3 is back again in this model (which I really love) and their Foothold TPU to provide torsional rigidity. No word yet on release date and price so stay tuned to Analykix in the future for more news.



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