Diadora Action II

Running events are being more and more held nowadays. You can always see runners training a few times a week especially when the event is near. Be it on the tracks or concrete, even rainy days won't stop them to run as it helps them to be in shape (or a way to de-stress). If you are planning to start running but can't seem to know what shoes to wear, for starter maybe you check Diadora as they have running shoes there. Like this running shoe which they call Action II. Here is what I found out on their facebook page regarding this model:

Nylon mesh and Supreltech. Lining with special anti-bacteria treatment

Removable anatomical shock-absorbing Elastom EVA foam

Moulded Elaston EVA foam. Double Action2 in the heel area C.C.B

Rubber in the front area. Special Duratech 5000 wearproof compound in the heel area

The shoe retails at Php 3,495 and I think it is a good price point especially if you are just starting to immerse yourself in the world of running.

Via: Diadora Philippines


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