Adidas Barricade Boost

Boost technology made it again to one of Adidas' line, Tennis. Take a look at this Adidas Barricade treated with Boost cushion in the heel. I never imagined Boost to be implemented in Tennis since I think the movements are more laterals (I'm really not a tennis expert), but it looks like they need heel cushion after all. Other specs for this model include Adiwear 6 which is a very durable rubber outsole, perfect for any surface condition. For the upper material, AdiTuff was used which is a breathable but very supportive material which would help a lot in different court conditions as well as the beating that the shoe takes in this kind of sport. They even modified the chasis to provide stability since we don't want the responsiveness of Boost to be a liability, so they need all the stability they can get. This model dropped last week so it is just a matter of time for these to circulate to different sport stores around the world.

Via: Adidas


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