Titan will be carrying Brandblack

If you like me who's waiting for Brandblack specifically the JCrossover 2 to drop here in the Philippines, then the long wait is over. Titan will be making this dream of ours come true and we will just have to wait for more details but at least the good news is they will be reaching our shores. In case you are not familiar with the Brandblack, this is what Jamal Crawford of the LA Clippers wore during games. The shoe has a woven upper with Jetlon as their cushion source. One of their distinct feature is the use of a blue-colored outsole which is a nice touch.  This model received positive reviews and hopefully the price won't be that high since it retails for $140 in the States. IMO, having a fair price point, could attract consumers to try different products encouraging them to step away from their comfort zone once in a while just to check out what's out there.

Via: Titan


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