Peak Continues to go Lightweight

Peak is not yet done from making shoes which are built for speed. Here is one of their new design dubbed as ultralight. Inspired by Kung Fu where speed and accuracy are very vital, Ultralight tries to incorporate these qualities as well by having a low-cut shoe made from synthetic materials in the upper as well as using a super light foam in the midsole to promote its lightweight attribute without sacrificing comfort. This could be very interesting in my opinion since the greatest challenge in having a light shoe is building a shoe that is supportive enough to cater the needs of a ball player. You can have a shoe that is very light and help you in quick stops or changing directions. But with momentum carrying you to your previous direction, the shoe's support structure will play a large role in preventing injuries. I guess we just have to wait a bit longer. But once the shoe is out on the market, I will definitely be testing them so keep it locked here at Analykix.

Via: Peak Sports


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