Nike Air Presto QS Lightning

Although the Nike Presto has not yet reached officially in our shores, here are more design that will make you more interested in this retro model. The lightning design really gives the shoe that "blast from the past" vibe. I could still recall my friend rocking his Presto when we were in high school (I think). He had this design, though his is grey I think and he would always wear them when we would hangout because according to him "it's so comfortable". Anyway, enough reminiscing. Even till this day, you can't deny that these still look good. This are QS's so boo-hoo to most of us because they only have limited pairs for these. I hope they would just bring again the Presto even just the plain ones so that the younger generation would have the chance to wear them. But if they want to bring the graphic-designed upper back, that would be more exciting.



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