Peak Basketball "Art of War" Collection

With the NBA Playoffs getting deeper and deeper. Winning does not all rely on talent alone. It requires more than that. Great plays boils down to a good strategy made by a coach in a timeout, or even a broken play that the players who are on the court made since the opposing team read what their coach just made and they have no more time outs to give. This is what separate good teams from great teams, contenders and winners. You must be multifaceted and should not rely on 1 attribute alone just like in war. With this in mind, Peak made sure that winning the game should be composed of a tough defense, great strategy, overwhelming speed and aggressive attack. This is what their "Art of War" basketball collection represents. Four of their best performance models, namely the Lightning III, GH-3, TP9-II, and Hurricane III, each representing a certain attribute that would help you achieve victory. Check out the images below and tell me your thoughts.

Via: Peak


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