Nike Air Huarache Kobe Bryant PE

Hi everyone, my apologies for being off the grid for a couple of days. I was busy last weekend and it's really hard to can keep up with everything. But now it's good to be back and hopefully my schedule starts to return to normal again.

When Kobe's contract with Adidas ended, this was before the mamba themed sneakers of Kobe Bryant (for the young ones out there), he has been wearing different models from Nike while they are still cooking up something in their lab for their next brand bearer that would carry them for years to come. This is an example of those PE's that kobe wore and we will see them once again. The shoe has a white upper with hits of purple and gold which represent the Lakers colorway. Since Huaraches are starting to come back again, it would just be a matter of time for these to drop and hopefully soon. Stay tuned to Analykix for news regarding this Nike Huarache PE.

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