Best Foot Forward: Peak Battier IX

With his career ending last 2014 season, Peak Sports graciously released Shane Battier's 9th signature shoe to pay homage to his game especially for his defensive abilities. The Battier IX might be his last signature shoe with Peak and although Peak is continuously recruiting NBA players to enter their sneaker roster, let's check out what Peak has in store for Battier's encore shoe with them. Here is what I found at Amazon regarding the shoe.

  • Synthetic Leather
  • rubber sole
  • Upper Design: perforation design on which is easy to be wet by sweat offers a cool environment inside the shoes despite of strenuous exercise.
  • Sole: hyperboloid FOOTHOLD TPU on the arch offers enough traction to meet the needs of stability and breaking through.
  • Outsole Texture: Special shape on the fore sole enhances friction and reduces the use of rubber, which decrease the shoes weight.
  • Heel: 3D TPU on the heel is a perfect blend of support and cushioning
They did not mentioned that cushioning is made up of Peak's Cushion-3 tech so I think this is also worth mentioning. After trying my pair, the shoe is not that heavy at all even though it looks very high in terms of the shoe's silhouette. The shoe could last outdoors with the look and feel of the outsole's rubber. The shoe's upper uses synthetic materials which is already common with today's sneakers. If you are interested in copping a pair, these are available at Olympic Village Trinoma for Php 3995 a good deal if you ask me especially for a signature shoe. I will be playing in these and will review them so watch out for the performance review once I'm done playing in them. Meanwhile, check out more images below.


  1. Thanks for your thoughts on these shoes!

    Can you provide any updates after playing in them? I am very curious about them. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi! Sorry for the delay, as the past weeks have been tough on my schedule. I've been playing in them and will be releasing the written performance review this weekend with the video review hopefully by the week after.

    2. I appreciate the response. Looking forward to your review! Thank you!

  2. If you can comment on how they fit, I would really appreciate that too! I am an 11.5 which they often don't have available.

    1. Lengthwise is okay. I would say go with your normal size. Widthwise would be an issue to some wide-footers. Best to try them in store if you have a chance. Here is the link of the performance review..


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