Performance Review: Anta RR1

With a lot of brands in the sneaker market getting top-tier athletes to carry their brand it is no wonder why many of the consumer starts to look at other options with their next basketball shoe purchase. Here is another contender from the Chinese brand Anta which now has several several NBA players in their roster like Kevin Garnet, Rajon Rondo, Luis Scola, Chandler Parsons, and the addition of Klay Thompson will sure continue to strengthen their brand. Here is the performance review on the Anta RR1 which is Rajon Rondo's signature shoe.

Materials: 3.5/5

The shoe uses synthetic materials to help reduce weight. The upper has a pearl finish to make it shine and give a plus on the aesthetics department. With that, it is worth noting that having a pearl finish
could give some scuffing issues especially during games where there are instances that someone stepped on your shoe. Me personally, I don't mind it all but there are others that take this into consideration that is why I'm putting it here. Since the shoe is made up of synthetic materials, there is some short break-in time needed because I noticed that the forefoot area flex a bit funny the first time so I would say, a good 2-3 hours of a quality basketball game is enough for the upper material to flex better. Breathability is okay. There is a vent on the toe area for the heat to escape.

Cushion: 4/5

Anta Rondo 1 uses a combination of EVA foam and their Pro A-Jelly. The forefoot has that low-profile but not to the point that I'm feeling soreness due to thin cushioning. I felt fine after games with no pain whatsoever. The heel area gives you that adequate protection although nothing too special like an added bounce or something. It is there to give you that impact protection especially for a guard like me. I don't have a heavy built so I don't require too much cushioning so for me the cushioning gave me adequate comfort during those rebounds in the paint or taking a shot.

Traction: 4.5/5

For me this is the highlight of the shoe. A shoe with a good traction is very helpful for guards who are always in constant motion to facilitate plays, in transition, etc. The traction pattern is there to provide you a good court grip on multiple directions. The rubber is thick enough for outdoor use and on normal court conditions where there is light to normal dust present. If there is heavy dust present, of course, wiping is necessary. I have played in 4 different courts and I can say, they held up nicely with just 1 court requiring some wiping but not often.

Fit: 3/5

Fit is tricky here. The shoe is 8.5 and it was able to give me the allowance that I prefer on a size 9, so I really suggest that if given a chance, try them in stores. I think they run half a size big so better ask first for your regular size and ask also a stock with half-a-size down for a good comparison. In my opinion this very important since the shoe has a very basic setup to provide you a good support. The support will come from that right sizing since when the laces are tied properly it would give you a good fit. There is a TPU plate underneath to give you that arch support and an outrigger along with a wide flat base to give you that stable ride.

Price: 4/5

These are retailed at Php4295 which is a fair price in my opinion. A good mid-level shoe especially for a brand that could give you a good comfort in a shoe. You can purchase them at Olympic Village or SM Department Stores.  

Overall: 3.8/5

Overall, I can say that the Anta RR1 is a good shoe. The components are there that could help you perform on court and given a chance to improve, I'm sure they will be one of those good performance sneakers in the market. The highlight of the shoe would be its traction especially for a type of player like Rajon Rondo who relies on his point-guard skills to facilitate on court, it is a no-brainer why Anta banked on the traction department. The price is also fair and hopefully people who are in search for a good shoe to hoop in will consider these as well. 



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