Adidas Superstar Gold Foil

Never thought I'd be seeing something this great while casually stalling for time in Greenbelt last night. As it turned out, I was about to see something awesome as I entered the Adidas Store: An Adidas Superstar in gold foil and metal toe cap to boot!

What a beauty.❤❤❤ The sales rep there probably sensed my love for that particular shoe (or he saw that my mouth was watering as I fondled...ehrmmm... touched the shoe with such great care) that he started telling me that there were limited stocks available and that they had my size. That would have been great if I had Php7595 casually lying around.

My heart eyes must have been pretty obvious because he wouldn't let up with the sales talk. I asked instead to take photos so I could tell you guys about it. 😀

As mentioned, this lovely shoe is available for Php7595 at Adidas outlets in Greenbelt (where these photos were taken) and Trinoma. Limited stocks and sizes are available so get them while you still can! And if you're feeling generous, send some to the Analykix team as well! 😜


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