Drose 5 Boost Broadway Express

If you saw my post regarding the Adidas Broadway Express collection, it is good to know that you can already see a pair already in shelves knowing that most of the time launch dates only apply in the States. Since the stocks will still be shipped to our country, most of the time that shipment cargo is delayed so we have to wait a little longer to see them hit the stores. But like I said, it is good to know that this is not the case with the Drose 5 Boost Broadway Express, so you can now grab a pair of this at Planet Sports Trinoma. The shoe's color is not that shiny compared to the photos that circulated in the net in my opinion. However, I think the shoe is way better in person than in the pics since that metallic colorway is not that shiny and it gives more of that bare/raw appeal as if it is ready to grind hard.


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