Adidas Crazy Isolation

Nowadays, more and more kicks are being rocked casually. With most shoes now having a simple silhouette and lightweight materials, it is no wonder why people love to wear them. Here is a basketball shoe by Adidas that you might want to take on and off court. The Adidas Crazy Isolation is a basic shoe in terms of look and appeal. But don't let its basic features fool you, having a basic EVA cushion paired with their torsion shank plate and that herringbone outsole could teach some cats out there that it's always not about the fancy shoes but a good skill and a shoe comfortable to wear that will keep the player just focus on playing. After that, you can take your game (with your pride intact) off court for some R&R. This is a budget-priced shoe --- as in less that Php 3000, how sweet is that? Well, Adidas Trinoma is on sale right now with their regular items having 20% off and some of them up to 30% off. Promo ends till January 18, 2015 so better use this opportunity to get some sweet deal.



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