Peak Basketball Shoes Christmas Colorway

With Adidas and Nike having their Christmas colorways, Peak also has Christmas colorways for their basketball sneakers led by George Hill of the Indiana Pacers and Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs. Peak made a wise decision to have their team model (Peak Monster) which was also used by George Hill have a Christmas colorway aside from Tony Parker's signature shoe.

The Peak Monster sport a green upper with some yellow splatters. The laces have a red and green color pattern and the shoes tongue shows George Hill's logo outlined in red.

The TP9-II has a white upper with brown specks which in the linings as well as on the Peak logo. The laces have also a red and green color pattern. You can see Tony Parker's logo in red.

These are dope colorways in my opinion especially the TP9-II. I'm not sure if they are going to release this in the market or just for the players. But still, it's still nice to see other shoe brands making extra effort in releasing special colorways.

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