Adidas J Wall 1 "Bad Dreams"

Last December 2, I wrote about the Adidas "Bad Dreams" collection as part of their Christmas colorways along with the Jack Frost packs. Yesterday, I spotted the Adidas J Wall 1 "Bad Dreams" colorway and I could say the major difference would be the shoe's upper material which is more of a cloth-like material with the toe-guards made of synthetic leather in comparison to the mesh that were used in the original release. The material looks durable enough so I guess this would hold up well although there won't be too drastic difference in terms of comfort from the first release. Another distinct feature in this collection is the outsole glows in the dark. I haven't tested them myself since it was in the mall where I spotted these but having that feature looks cool giving it a mystical vibe. The good thing about this is you can grab them now at Adidas Trinoma having the same price as the regular version which is Php 5995. Feel free to check out the images below and comment below if you will cop this version given the chance.


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