Toby's Sports Charity Shoe Swap Campaign

Do you want to spread some blessings in your own little way? If yes, then you might be interested in Toby's Sports campaign as they have a Charity Shoe Swap going on. Basically, if you have an old pair just collecting dust in your shelf, you can donate them to their store. Of course, doing something good deserves a reward, right? Don't worry, because of your good deed, you get a discount on Adidas footwear. The value of your shoe corresponds to the discount that you'll be getting. Also, please make sure that the kicks that you will be donating are in a good shape so that the recepient might be able to use them decently as well. You can check out the details on the images as well and if you have other questions, you can contact them on their facebook page or go to their store for more info.



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