Reebok Kamikaze 4

Seeing the Reebok Answer XIV is a good sign that Reebok is still trying to squeeze through the basketball sneaker game and having them here in the Philippines gives the consumers more options in choosing their next basketball shoe. With that, here is another basketball model from Reebok and this time it is from their Kamikaze line. The Kamikaze 4 is very similar with the Answer XIV in terms of the outsole and traction pattern, maybe there are just some minor tweaks done in the upper material pretty though I'm sure they have the same cushion tech in them which is the DMX Foam. We hope to see them here in the Philippines and hopefully they would not jack-up the price too much. Meanwhile, the Reebok Kamikaze 1 are still on stores and on the sale racks so you might want to check up on them. Having a retro model priced below Php 4000 is a steal if you ask me and of course they are can still compete with today's models, all you need is an open mind that there are a lot of options out there.




  1. Hi there, Reebok should have used adidas' cushion technology like Boost (but it may cost high), EVA or its own Hexalite. DMX foam is kinda stiff. I remember I had a Reebok shoe with DMX foam and it was kinda stiff. But the look of Kamikaze IV is great. Much much better than Swizz Beatz's Kamikaze 3 or the Kamikaze 2k10.

    As for Kamikaze 1 - the cushion and comfort is great. It's just that it lacks ventilation but overall it's great.

    1. I haven't tried the DMX foam although I'm really interested just to find out for myself since some of the comments that I've been reading had been same as your observation (is it really that stiff?). I think the old DMX cushion (Answer 4 OGs, V's too back in the day ) have good cushion but I'm not sure the latest release of Answer 4.

      Just curious, what model did you have that had the DMX foam? I'm planning on checking out the Pro Heritage or the Q96 but I'm really not decided yet.

      For the Kamikaze 1, well that's an old tech right there (hexalite) and I remember that being comfy and all. Yep, ventilation is not that good. Well shoes during those era have not focused much on the ventilation aspect and they are also bulky.

    2. Hi there. It was quite a few years ago. Rbk Stepaway II. Not a high end one but I noticed there was a label 'DMX' on its heel so I thought perhaps it was DMX foam. It was playable but when I tried others like Reebok's Sublite Prorise or Nike's Zoom I noticed the difference and how quite stiff it was. Perhaps DMX foam may be much better now :) Personally I would like to see other brands - (local or foreign) to be used by more ballers beside Nike / Jordan to have a better competition. And competition would be great for us consumers.

    3. I saw the Sublite and for some reason I felt that I'm not gonna enjoy playing in them because of the stiffness in the cushion. The insole is there to provide a good step-in comfort but during long playing hours, that insole gotta give up sooner and you have to deal with their cushion setup so I decided to pass on those but they are definitely light to wear no doubt and that would be one of its greatest attribute.

      True that. Once other brands gained recognition because of their quality, then everybody else would step up in providing the consumers the best possible performance sneaker and at the end of the day we users will benefit from it.

    4. Regarding Sublite, in my personal experience, I am still playing with it and I feel comfortable than DMX. Maybe because it's light, and after playing 2 games I don't feel hurt on my feet. Maybe its just me. Although its only good for indoor.

      By the way kindly also check out Nike Air Visi Pro V. It is Nike's lower end shoes but Luol Deng plays with it now. I am surprised that a budget friendly Nike shoes is being worn by a good NBA player.

    5. Yeah, I can see them in stores. I think they are a good entry-level shoe, having their fifth rendition already, I think they have in shoe stores near me. Nike air cushion is still relevant these days especially for casual balling. For Deng, well maybe he likes the setup and it works for him. I even play using my Dual Fusion BBs from time to time since I love their traction even though their cushion is their basic phylon but a dual-density setup. Thanks for the heads up. ;)


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