Reebok Blast now available

The Reebok Blast is now available at Reebok Trinoma for Php 5995. Upon seeing them first hand, I can say that the quality is up to par with the OG release. Materials are okay if you ask me. Hexalite cushioning is there in the heel and I think you can still hoop in this shoe if you are they type who play with your retro kicks.

For young bloods who don't know this model, this shoe was popularized by Nick Van Exel during his stint with the Lakers. That was also the time when every shoe company have their own stars that carry their brand. So fast forward now, Reebok has been helping to keep the heritage alive by providing us these retro kicks which is a good sign if you ask me because there are more choices for us ballers and sneaker enthusiasts.


  1. I agree on this. I like Reebok way back during the 90s. I feel disappointed coz Reebok is turning to a fitness / women's brand now. With retro releases, it gives me mix feelings: glad because I can have a chance to cop kicks that I could never afford when I was still in high school; and sad because won't Reebok create something new that will become future's classics? At least Answer XIV and Kamikaze IV is there, but beyond those, what's next?

    1. Although we can't blame them for turning this route, we just hope that the Answer XIVs and Kamikaze line would be a good performing shoe so that Reebok might still consider producing good and quality kicks in the future.


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