Jordan XX9 Now Available

The Jordan XX9 is now available at Nike Trinoma for Php 10,595. This model have created enough buzz and I do hope they really live up to the hype. Upon quick inspection the shoe really feels light and the material is soft and wouldn't need any break-in time. Would I cop this? I think not since the price is too high for me but I'm pretty sure that it would perform well. So how about you, with the features that's in this shoe, would you cop this latest model from the Jordan line? Feel free to sound off in the comment section below.


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    1. Yup, it is. I thought they are gonna price it at 8.5k or 9k the most. I'm not really sure if there are a lot who are willing to pay for it. Maybe it's the upper material that really caused the shoe's price to sky rocket.

    2. I think only pros or those who are die-hard Air Jordan fanatics will buy this. But for an average Totoy like me I would rather consider brands like adidas, Reebok, Peak and even World Balance :)

    3. Yes, that would really sum it up. Price is one of the key factors that Pinoy ballers consider. There are different models from the Jordan brand as well as other brands that could give other options in terms of the user's playing style. All ballers need to have is an open mind especially if we are tight on the budget aspect and would like to get the bang for our buck.

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