Performance Review: Fila 96 aka Grant Hill 2

With retro sneakers being released as they pay homage to the all-time greats who wore them, Fila joined the movement as well releasing the Fila 95 and 96 models that Grant Hill wore on court. Here is my detailed performance review on the Fila 96 a.k.a. Grant Hill 2.


The upper material is a combination of leather and suede.
Fila uses a combination of leather and suede for the upper material. Being a 90's shoe, these are the materials that brands used during those days. I enjoyed playing in them as there was no break-in time needed to play in these. Once I stepped on court, I felt no pressure or pinching in the flex points in the upper since the leather and suede used were soft. Those who don't want their shoe dirty or scuffed might be turned off by this. As you can see in the image above, in the toebox area there are dust and shoe marks from rigorous games. Another thing worth noting is for ballers who are used to wearing very low socks, you might want to opt for wearing higher-cut socks as the inner linings could cause some irritation.  I experienced this on my left heel, which caused a nasty scab.

CUSHION: 4.25/5 

The crease marks prove that Fila's 2A cushion works.
This is my favorite part of this shoe. Fila's 2A cushion system worked for me as it protected me from harsh landings on rebounds or from attacking the basket. It was soft and comfortable, with some short break-in time coming off the box. Those who play in the 4 or 5 position would like this as well since the foam used was thick but not too dense. Although I would prefer something that has a little bounce, Fila's 2A cushion still gets the job done as I didn't have any pain in my knees after games. If you are looking for a more low-to-the-ground shoe, this might not be a perfect choice because of the thick midsole which cater towards wingmen who can play some multiple positions like Grant Hill.


Can be used both indoors and outdoors, a 90's shoe indeed.
I must admit upon seeing the traction pattern, I was a bit skeptical on how it would play. I'm glad that I was wrong and they played fine. Of course, it's not as "grippy" as your traditional herringbone pattern but it's not up to a point that I'm sliding or beginning to hesitate on my moves. A big plus is that the rubber is thick and it would be a good shoe outdoors as well. I both played indoors and outdoors in these and they are okay, just like a 90's shoe would.

FIT: 4/5

There is a heel strap should you wish a more secured fit.

Fit is true to size and provides some wiggle room inside. If your foot is on the wide side, this could still fit you well, although since the fit is not too narrow. Of course, it is still best to try these in stores. Support comes from the wide base so you can be sure you are covered. There is a heel strap if you want a more secure fit but I was fine without adjusting it because once the laces were tied, I was good to go and did not experience slipping inside the shoe even with the considerate amount of space inside.

PRICE: 4.75/5

This is a good price especially for a shoe that offers a good value in terms of performance. Considering this is a retro model, you really get a bang for your buck. You can still find these in Fila stores for a retail price of only Php2999.


For a retro model, the Fila 96 can still compete with other brands in terms of cushion comfort and versatility. Too bad these are being overlooked in the shelves. I suggest if you have the chance, cop this shoe as it really gives you a bang for your buck.  Performancewise, this is definitely a good shoe to play in both indoors and outdoors.

GRADE: 4.25/5



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