Best Foot Forward: And1 Empire Mid 2.0

In the early 2000's, there was a time when every sneaker brand have a share of the NBA shoe game. From Rafer Alston a.k.a. "Skip to my Lou", to Ben Wallace, Stephon Marbury, Latrell Spreewell, even Jason Williams once laced the And1 brand which is more popular in the world of streetball. The shoe was well recognized from releasing mixtapes which featured streetball legends in the US traveling from different cities showcasing their talents by breaking ankles with nasty crossovers, insane alley-oops, and crazy passes. Then you start to wonder what happened with all the hype created by it. Fast forward to the present, we now see Lance Stephenson lacing and1 and even Monta Ellis when he was in the Golden State wore the first version of and1 Empire Mid.

So what's up with and1 now? For this segment of Best Foot Forward, here is what I found out regarding the Empire Mid 2.0.

A fresh take on a baller favorite. Step into the Empire Mid 2.0 and you’ll be ready to go. Reduced weight and a redesigned upper lets you focus on your crossover while your kicks move with you.

• Stitch-less no-sew construction for comfort
• Mesh panels reduce weight and increase ventilation
• Asymmetrical toe increases support
• Full-length airbag reduces impact 

Upon wearing the shoe, all I can say is that it was really a low ride. Almost every brand is into the lightweight trend and they make sure their shoes are breathable by providing good amount of airflow and you can see the images below the perforations or vents around the shoe's upper. Although I'm not sure with how the cushioning will feel, what I'm sure is the traction will perform like a beast. I bought this from Olympic Village Trinoma for a discount price of Php 2995 from Php 5295 during their last sale and I will be performance testing these so watch out for my detailed review.



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