Adidas sale in Shoppesville Greenhills

I was at Greenhills shopping center this afternoon and while strolling the second floor of Shoppesville, I saw an Adidas store and checked it out just for the heck of it.  Guess what?  I'm glad that I entered their store because they are on sale.  I checked out some of their kicks and found out that this colorway of Drose 4.0 is on their sale rack.  They are selling this for only Php3995.  That's a steal if you ask me since this model is still up to date with their product line.  So if you want to secure a pair of D.Rose's fourth signature, you can check out their store there and experience this performance shoe almost half the regular price.  I asked their sales represenative up to when will their sale last and he told me that they will be on sale up to the 30th of May.  There are other models as well with large discounts so good luck in hunting for your next shoe.

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