Performance Review: Peak Challenger II

With all the different basketball kicks in stores, we can see not so popular brands to ballers appearing on shelves and catching up with the latest trends in terms of looks and performance. One of them is Peak Challenger II from Peak. Can they compete with the more popular brands? Check out my detailed review on the Peak Challenger II.

Materials: 4/5

Leather overlays in high-wear areas

Ventilation on the median and lateral side of the shoe.
With the trend focusing on sneakers being lightweight, this particular model did not shy away from the challenge by using synthetic materials combined with leather on the shoe's upper. I find this move great because they added leather overlays on the high-wear areas or areas where support is needed. A short break-in time is required though especially for the upper. In my case, a 2-hour game is enough and I was able to enjoy them more after my next sessions. Adding leather overlays surely added up some weight on the shoe but I did not find the shoe to be heavy for me. In fact, it's more of my feet being secured feeling. In terms of ventilation, Peak put some vents in there on the medial and lateral side of the shoe, small perforations on the toe area, and a mesh tongue. However, with this model having a zipper on the upper, the mesh tongue won't be of no use as players would zip them up.

Cushion: 3.75/5

The insole shows where the cushion is strategically placed.
Heel cushion is very good. A plus for big men.
The insole also gives that step-in comfort which also adds impact protection.

Peak used their Gradient Dual in this particular model. Basically, their midsole have different densities placed on strategic points. When landing after a rebound, I encountered no problems at all. With that said, this shoe can be suited for a big man who is eager to crash the boards. Forefoot cushioning is good although I would personally prefer a bit more court feel. They even added a more padded insole for extra cushion and I can say that I love that step-in comfort everytime I wear them. Overall, I can say that the Peak Challenger II can be enjoyed by guards and bigs as well.

Traction: 2.5/5

Herringbone pattern on the translucent area.
In my opinion, this is the aspect where this model takes a step back. Don't get me wrong, traction is okay on most clean courts providing good traction. But on outdoors or dusty courts, I found myself constantly wiping the outsole. This is a major letdown for me as there are times that I hesitated (doing a crossover for example) due to dust on the outsole. Even though there's a herringbone pattern on the translucent part of the outsole, I still wipe the outsole during dead-ball situations. This is important for me since most ballers here in the Philippines hoop outdoors so this is worth noting.

Fit: 4/5

Good padding at the collar and the zipper gives that snug fit.
The Foothold 3D plate does a good job providing that wide stable base.

Fit is true to size and would accommodate more foot types with a little wiggle room on the toe area. However for players with wide feet, it is still best to try them on in stores as the shoe's upper has a zipper to give you that lockdown feeling so the fit might be different for them.  The materials composed of synthetic and leather added a more secure fit with no irritation felt on flex points and at the back on the heel area. Ample padding in the collar was provided that even wearing low-cut socks there was no chafing on the collar area. The lockdown fit comes from the materials effectively being utilized where you need them and the zipper. I tried playing a full game with the zipper unzipped and I'm impressed that the fit did not feel sloppy at all. Support comes from the fit along with the zipper which help the materials give you that snug fit, their Foothold 3D plate that provides a wide stable base and giving you that arch support, and an outrigger that also helps you prevent from rolling your ankles.

Price: 4/5

The shoe is priced at Php 3,995 which is a pretty decent price range considering the materials used. I bought these at Olympic Village Trinoma. They have other branches as well so finding these wouldn't be a problem.


Having a different brand out there could bring a whole new variety of options for ballers. People should start paying attention on their performance needs when choosing a basketball sneaker and not just the brand. Personally, I find this particular model a good shoe having able to perform well on court. Though it took a step back on the traction department, the shoe's support and lockdown was able to help compensate that issue. However, if you are playing on well-maintained courts or courts decent enough where there's little debris present, then you are going to love this particular model especially this shoe's step-in comfort and supportive construction. Also, Peak is more visible in the NBA market as well having Tony Parker, Shane Battier, George Hill and others rocking their kicks on court competing with the other brands in terms of looks and catching up with the latest trend in terms of performance. Hopefully, this will continue because it is always good to have lots of option in terms of choosing your next basketball kicks.

 Grade: 3.65

Analykix Grade:


  1. Great review! I am so interested in this shoe since seeing it at Olympic Village Fairview Terraces. Tho the colorways are only Purple and Pink. Do you know the other colorways found at Trinoma?

    1. I bought the pair that I reviewed in Trinoma (black and blue colorway).

  2. wna suggest to test only outdoor bballshoes or those applicable for outdoor use and if they hold up

    1. and nice review by the way and pls try to review li-ning,anta and peak brands:-)

    2. Thanks for your comments. Most of the shoes that can be played outdoors have a more dense rubber (not soft/pliable). The longevity of the outsole also depends on how long you play and the type of outdoor court. Personally, I am also looking for shoes to ball that is great for outdoors use.

      As for reviewing different brand, I am planning to do that in the future. I want to help encourage people to keep an open mind in choosing their basketball shoes because there a lot of brands out there that are good in terms of performance.

  3. Nice review..i like this shoe bro


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