Shoe 101: The Different Parts of a Shoe

If you've been reading my posts lately, especially the performance review section, you might be a bit confused or even wondering what the heck I am talking about in relation to the shoe's parts. Let me break it down to you.
We all know the shoe laces and tongue, right? So I'm not going to include them in this post. Here are the parts that are worth noting and I've been mentioning frequently in my performance reviews:


The upper on the Adidas Crazy Light 1

This is the shoe's top part. It plays a major role in protecting your foot in general and giving the shoe its aesthetic features, as shoe brands nowadays use different materials ranging from leather to synthetics in their uppers. Oh, and those dazzling colorways that make you drool? You can see them predominantly on the shoes' upper.


The collar as seen on the Jordan Melo M9 (reviews coming soon)
Low-cut, mid-cut, or high-cut? We usually hear them when someone talks about their recently purchased basketball kicks. The height of the collar from the ankle determines this attribute. Some may prefer full range of motion (low-cut shoes) while others want that full lockdown support from toe to ankle (high-cut shoes).

Medial and Lateral Side

Medial view of the Nike Dual Fusion BB

Lateral view of the Nike Dual Fusion BB

Put your feet together. The side where the arch is present is the medial and the opposite part (the side away from the body) is the lateral side. Like in my Adidas Crazylight 2 performance review, I mentioned that the heel cup is asymmetric as evidenced by the lateral side being higher than the medial side.


Midsole as seen on the Nike Dual Fusion BB

The midsole is where the cushioning of the shoe is located. As we all know, cushioning plays an integral part in a basketball shoe. Whether it's a big man landing after a rebound or a guard who is mostly on his toes, everybody relies on cushioning to give them the comfort and protection they need. 


The Crazy Comfort insole of the Adidas Crazy Light 1

This is the padding inside the shoe where your foot rests. It gives that step-in comfort and sometimes added support from impact aiding the midsole, especially if they are made from thicker or more plush materials.


The outsole of the Nike Dual Fusion BB

This is the bottom part of the shoe made of rubber that comes in contact with the floor. Different patterns are out there; from the traditional herringbone pattern, to the newer models having a story-telling pattern. They all want to give the best traction they can give to prevent the players from slipping and to give them good court grip. 

Hopefully this article could help you in helping you choose your next kicks, as this is where mostly the technology in the shoe are found nowadays.  


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