Performance Review: Nike Dual Fusion BB

Mimicry at its finest.

With all the different Nike "Hyper" models in the market today, Nike was still able to give us another shoe that could resemble its higher-priced "Hyper" models, catering to a price point where an average baller can enjoy. Here is my performance review on the Nike Dual Fusion BB.

Materials: 4/5

At first glance, it looks like a "Hyper"model.

Nike used leather for the upper along with some mesh. For me, this is a great decision because adding some leather adds a bit of support especially in the high-wear areas. I did not feel any irritation or pinching where the shoe flexes and there is no need for any break-in time. The use of leather material in this particular model did not bother me at all because the shoe still plays light. The mesh material provides good ventilation as evidently shown in the shoe's upper and tongue as well.

Cushion: 3.75/5

Phylon is used but with different densities for support and comfort.

Cushion is adequate for me and I felt no pain in my joints after games.

Phylon is used for the cushion in this particular model. I didn't have problems at all as it gave me all the support I needed from hard landings. They used a softer density Phylon in places where you need impact protection, and a firmer form of Phylon for the shoe's support. Some may not get the responsiveness that they would want but like I said earlier, I did not feel the shoe to play heavy even though you can see the thick midsole, so maneuvering into transition after rebounding the ball was not a problem for me.

Traction: 4.25/5

The rubber is thick enough for outdoor balling.

Herringbone sections were placed where you need the most traction.

At first, seeing the traction pattern gave me some doubts if the traction on these would be adequate. Well, that's why I performance test them in the first place, to shed some light to those who also thought about that. I'm happy to say that traction is great. What Nike did was they added some herringbone sections in the shoe's outsole and placed it on strategic places where ballers needed the most traction. So during crossovers, push-offs, curling, or backing down, players would be confident and wont't have to worry as the shoe's traction is adequate. Another plus is that the rubber used here is thick enough that you won't have to worry about burning them quickly when playing outdoors.

Fit: 4/5

Once you lace them up tightly, you're good to go.

The wide base gives the shoe its support.

Fit is true to size and would be able to cater to most foot types as there is enough room. Of course, it is still best to try them on yourself to get the best fit. The support would come from the fit itself. Once you laced them up tightly, you are good to go. The thick midsole gives you that stable base and even though it doesn't have that visible shank plate that you often see in Nike models, I did not feel any pain in my arch after games.

Price: 5/5

With all the good stuff that I mentioned earlier, the price is good for an entry model. I have mentioned in my Best Foot Forward segment that I got this pair on sale from Planet Sports. They are regularly priced at Php4295 but who knows, they might put these on sale again. 


Not bad for an entry-level shoe.

With all the different "Hyper" models out there, Nike made sure that you can have a glimpse of how a performance shoe translates to an entry-level model. Using leather materials on the upper mixed with mesh and reliable cushion makes the Nike Dual Fusion BB an ideal shoe for all around ballers. You can find these in stores and with an attractive price, surely you can't deny that it's definitely a shoe worth picking.

Grade: 4.2/5

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  4. What is the weight of this shoe?


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