Best Foot Forward: Peak Challenger II Upper Zipped

Hi everyone! Today on our Best Foot Forward segment, I'll be featuring Peak Challenger II Upper Zipped.

This shoe was bought from Olympic Village Trinoma last December for Php3995.

Peak Challenger II

The Peak Challenger is another premium basketball shoes for Peak team, which is featured with synthetic leather and single-layer mesh upper for breath.
The Gradient Dual techniques, Foldhold 3D techniques on midsole and Cushion-3 for cushion performance and  the translucent outsole are the typical PEAK Hi-techniques.
Model: Peak Team Challenger II 2
Colorways:  Black/ Blue
Materials: Synthetic Leather
Sole: Rubber TPU EVA
Tech: Cushion-3; FOLDHOLD 3D; Gradient Dual

First Impressions:

Nowadays, when ballers talk about basketball shoes, you can bet that they will mostly talk about the popular brands. What some of these ballers don't know is that there are brands out there that are slowly creeping its way in the market, and these people will be surprised to find out that these brands even subscribe to the latest trends when it comes to materials used in the shoe in order to compete in the "light weight" performance showdown.

This shoe caught my attention because first, I haven't played basketball using the Peak brand. I wanted to see what this particular brand has to offer. If you guys don't know it yet, Tony Parker has been rockin' the Peak brand since last season, joining other NBA players like Shane Battier, George Hill, and Javale McGee. Even Jason Kidd used to wear this brand during his championship stint with the Dallas Mavericks. Also, having a different brand in the market would give players the idea that we sometimes need to look outside the fence. Maybe the grass is greener on the other side.

This particular model features some type of fuse material (basically plastic) on the upper, and some leather as well. The upper also has a zipper to keep everything in place which added more appeal to me. For the cushioning, Peak uses their Cushion-3 technology in this model. Personally, I have not played in this type of cushion so this would be fun, not expecting anything and I'm hoping that these will perform well.

Anyway, I will be performance testing these so watch out for my review.


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    1. The shoe is priced at Php 3,995. I bought these at Olympic Village Trinoma.

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