Performance Review: Peak Battier IX

Hi everyone, I'm back again for another performance review and this time on the Peak Battier IX. With Shane Battier's retirement from the NBA, will his last signature sneaker with Peak end on a high note? Here is my detailed review on the Peak Battier IX

Materials: 4.5/5

Synthetic leather materials were used which is not bad.

The Peak Battier IX uses synthetic leather for the most part with some plastic overlays for added structure. This is not new with Peak as they have been using these for most of their models giving it a nice structure and some support. Of course, there could be improvements made in the future by using other materials but this is not bad at all and still gets the job done. No break-in time was needed here. On my first hour, I didn't notice any awkward flexing of the material and it was supportive enough. While breathability is not its strongest attribute, there are some perforations on the toe box and a mesh tongue.

There are some perforations in the toe box for some air flow.

Mesh tongue for some ventilation.

Cushion: 4.25/5

Peak Battier IX uses their Cushion-3 technology to offer good impact protection. It uses a 3-cushion setup and I could say that I enjoy this kind of setup. While I didn't feel any added "bounce", I feel no pain after games. Even it is a 3-cushion setup, it feels low to the ground and I have no problem with court feel. If you were to ask me, I would say I like the Cushion-3 more than the Dual Gradient which is Peak's other cushion setup. Even with my light build, I have no worries in crashing the boards because I know this cushion setup is good enough for me.

Traction: 4.5/5

The outsole is good enough for some outdoor balling.
An wavy traction pattern was used and I'm not disappointed with it. There is another pattern underneath it, however, the wavy pattern covers you most of the time. Traction is good giving some bite on the floor although you might want to wipe if there's heavy dust present on the court but in moderately clean floors, they will cover you well. Most of the testing process, I played outdoors and these hold up pretty good. Of course, outdoors means more chances of dust but it did made me hesitate with my moves.

A closer look on the traction pattern.

Fit: 4.25/5

Fit is true to size.

Fit is true to size. I always go for size 9 since it gives me a bit of allowance and this fit me perfectly lengthwise. For wide-footers, it would be best to really try them in stores. With the upper being made of synthetic materials, there's not enough stretch so you might not be comfortable in the midfoot area. In my case, I just need to readjust the laces but it's not a major issue for me. Support will come from the fit and the flat base which houses the Foothold TPU giving you some arch support. There is a lateral outrigger as well making the forefoot area a bit wider. There is a heel notch to secure your heel and giving you some more secured and comfortable fit. The shoe has a high-cut profile so those who prefer playing in highs will be accommodated here for sure. You can even lace up to the top hole for a more secured fit in your ankles.

Foothold TPU gives you some arch support and offering a stable base.

Lateral outrigger to prevent some ankle rolls, CHECK!

Heel notch for a more secured fit.

Price: 4.5/5

The shoe retails for Php 3,995 and this is a great bang for your buck. With all the features I mentioned above, a basketball shoe priced lower than most brands is a big up for Peak. Not to mention, these are signature shoes and not a team model. How awesome is that, huh? If you are interested, these are still available at Olympic Village Trinoma and other Peak stores.


With Battier's exit from the NBA, Peak really did a gracious act by giving him his last signature shoe. This is the brand's way to saying thanks to the player who gave them trust and started a beautiful partnership that lasted for 9 signature shoes. We just hope Peak will continue to support the remaining Peak roster with quality basketball shoes. Going back to the shoe itself, it is really a bang for your buck offering features that you wouldn't see in that price point. I hope this serves a good example to other brands as well that you can give a shoe some really good features without jacking up the price. With this kind of move, I'm sure more and more people will recognize Peak and will start picking them up in the shoe stores.

Analykix Grade: 4.4/5



  1. Thank you for the review! Might have to give these a try

  2. Nice! Is this footwear good for guards, or for inside players?

    1. I could say this could be for positions 1-3 (or even 4), depending on your play style. I'm a point guard and I enjoyed these. I could play D as well as crash some boards from time to time with no problems. Player's built might be taken into consideration as well. If you are fairly built then maybe this could suit you as well. If you are an explosive player or heavy built who wants more impact protection then there are other options out there.

  3. good review !
    thanks for thinking about widefooters

    1. thanks.. fit is tricky nowadays especially when most materials are made of synthetic with little or no stretch at all.

  4. The community of Shane Battier's fans will be delighted by this last signatured shoes of his.


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