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1. Introduce yourself

Call me Pwlo

2. What you do for a living?

Well, I have a day job as an archivist.

3. Why did you decide to put up a blog?

First, I really love basketball. My interest in basketball shoes started about three years ago, when I was searching for basketball shoes online. I saw tons of shoes to choose from. I'm not the person who would just jump and spend my hard-earned money on a shoe; I wanted to see if it's really worth it, especially if it is expensive. After purchasing my shoe (Adidas Crazylight 1), I realized it would be less of a hassle to people if they had an idea on what they'll be spending their money on. Fitting them in stores is just one thing, the real score is how they perform on court.

I was inspired by Nightwing's site (kicksoncourt), as he gives honest reviews. If a particular shoe sucks, then it sucks. It doesn't matter what brand it is. I also loved reading Prof. K's (of the now-defunct kicksology) reviews back in the day.

4.Why Analykix?

The name Analykix is just a mixture of "analysis" and "kicks". My primary objective is to analyze the shoe from a performance standpoint, how it performs especially with the different technologies that they use nowadays. Different materials are being used today from the shoes upper materials to the shoes' cushion. So testing them on court and giving the readers an idea how they would perform, that would be good. Educating people in our own little way is cool.

5.What are your plans?

As of now, I plan on reviewing basketball shoes first. Who knows, maybe I could do other shoes as well in the future. I'll be writing about other basketball stuff and some bits about sneaker culture as well.

Hopefully I could continue posting regularly for you guys since I have a day job to keep. 

6. How may we contact you?

You may email me via I also have twitter (@analykix), so you can follow me there as well.

EDIT: I made a Google Docs form, so it's now easier to send inquiries, questions, and all other comments to me. Fill out the form below or click HERE



  1. i got an offer for you bro. will let you know once i get off from work

    1. Hi, you can reach me at my email Will wait for your email. Thanks.

    2. Alright. talk to you later. thanks