Nike Kobe 11 ALT

Nike just unveiled the Kobe AD NXT yesterday. And while that shoe would bring back the Kobe line post-career back on track, the last shoe that Kobe wore on court gets a makeover and popped recently overseas. The Kobe 11 ALT, features the same materials as the regular ones but has an added layer of shroud that covers the whole Flyknit upper. Similar as the Kobe Icon, this one looks lighter for some reason. Although I don't think that this shoe is breathable even though it is made up of materials that promote air flow for the simplest reason that the added layers of materials would likely negate the breathability of the shoe. While we do not know the price of the shoe, Nike could have just used other materials which could lower the cost. But maybe they really want to market it as and "alternate" version of the Kobe 11. Will this reach the Philippines? Only time will tell, but if they do we will surely give you a heads up.

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