Peak Basketball Chinese New Year 2017 lineup

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I think would be odd if one of these Chinese brands (Peak, Li-Ning, or Anta) will not release a Chinese New Year colorway since you know, it's CHINESE NEW YEAR. And we better be bold to declare that since they are the most popular Chinese brands when it comes to basketball kicks, we will be expecting it every year. For now, I will be showing you what Peak Basketball has in store for Chinese New Year. I saw this images from Peak Sports facebook page and it looks like these 3 models will be used for this year's celebration. With the DH2 and Peak Monster 4 having a more Year of the Rooster color theme, the simple color blocking of TP9-IV isn't bad since you get that gold accent on branding and could be ideal for those who are into clean-looking kicks. While my eyes are focused on the DH2 for performance review, I will be copping the home colorway for the simple reason that I have an "away" colorway for the DH1. Personally, I think the sleeper here would be the Peak Monster 4 since it is more transitioned into a more well-rounded shoe when it is first known to cater the bigs because of the way it is built. But overall, each of them will be worth copping with different strengths and selling points. Which of the 3 models are you copping once they are available? Tell us and be heard by writing your comments below.

Via: Peak Sports Products


  1. Is DH2 available here in PH? Medyo trip ko design eh.

    1. Not yet. I'm also waiting for the shoe to drop and planning to get the home colorway.

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