Nike Air Presto Island Blue

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Now, this colorway of Nike Air Presto really brings me back in time. If you are from within the same “sneaker” generation as me, then you will know what I mean. Back in the day, the Nike Air Prestos are the Roshe Run of today. Yup, I may be ruffling some feathers the wrong way here since older sneakerheads knew that these are way comfortable than the Roshes but hey, this is the closest thing I can compare it with especially now that lifestyle kicks are popular again. I just wish Nike would just made these general releases so that there will be enough for everyone. I guess they have a different marketing strategy. Going back to the shoe, the color is just simply blue with white midsole which would really go along with almost anything you wear in a normal day. This is not bad at all because it means that people love these not just because of the looks but from a comfort standpoint. No word on release date here in the Philippines, but these will drop in the States on September 5, 2015.